It Just Takes Time

Time.  It is something we sometimes want more of, and sometimes less as when we want it to go by quicker.  Time heals and time hurts.  Time can be gracious and understanding.  Today I had plenty of time to think about the effects of time on me and my family.  As I contemplated my post today, my first intention was to talk about how time was the great healer for my youngest gifted son; time has proven to be a positive force in healing the hurtful effects of his last year in school – his spark is now a small flame, but it seemed to have taken an eternity to get to this point. But, I soon discovered that there was a bigger story to be told about time.


Time.  The speed with which time passes depends on your perspective and your situation at hand.  Today, as I began to write my post, my perspective on time was one of wanting it to zoom by, just for this week.  I’m struggling to type this post by pecking on my iPad because my computer is in the hardware hospital, and I want and NEED my computer back pronto!  Time, clock and calendar, please don’t dawdle this week!  I need you to dash!  Oh how I want my computer back right now because I’m also left with having to find representative images for this post from the sparse amount of images that somehow found their way on to my iPad.  As I scrolled through the limited, but meaningful collection of photos which spanned a few years, I am forced again to think of the passage of time and its role it has played in my family’s life.


lakeblog1Time seems to stand still when we are spending time at the lake as reflected by picture after picture of tranquil blue-green water and the rocky shoreline.  Time was needed for my middle son who was a visual-spatial learner to believe in himself and know that he could be successful in school; his proud, beaming smile in his graduation pictures reflected the positive force of time for him.  There was a picture of me and my siblings cleaning out my parents’ house after my parents’ back-to-back deaths; thankfully, time was the welcome healer then.  Looking at the photos of my solemn-faced youngest son taken during his emotionally-challenging past year made me reflect on his need for time to overcome the pain caused by an uncaring school and retaliatory teacher.


Yes, the time in our lives.  Good, bad, fast or slow.  Don’t you wish you could manipulate it to your advantage?  For my two youngest sons who are both visual-spatial learners, time was on their side, and it was a positive force in their education.


For my middle son, school was always a source of stress and he learned to dislike school – a lot!  He was excelling in many areas outside of school, and in many of those areas, he was self-taught.  But from Kindergarten through 12th grade, there never was a time where my middle son and school happily and successfully co-existed.  Was college even in his future?  It was.  By taking the time his first few semesters to gradually ease into his college education, this extra time helped him to see that he was very capable of being successful in school.  Time – necessary and revealing.  He earned a research assistantship his last year in college, and graduated with a pretty impressive GPA, too.  Time proved to my school-averse son that, yeah, school isn’t such a bad place, and he was very capable of success in school.  And time can turn situations completely around with its ironic sense of humor; my formerly school-averse son is now teaching at the university from where he graduated.


Time has been a gracious and understanding healer, too.  My youngest son, in reaction to a traumatic situation at his last school, lost his love of learning.   He had unfortunately come to the conclusion that he was incapable of learning.  It has been a year since then – a year’s worth of time to heal, to grow, to overcome.   A year, a period of much-needed time, gave my son a renewed sense of confidence and reignited his love of learning.  It is not just a spark now, but a small, constant flame.   Nothing else could have been as powerful of a force in fueling this flame than the passage of a year of time.


As I took this nostalgic stroll through time, allowing myself time to reflect and think about the positive force time can be, I am soon jolted into my here-and-now time as I look at the clock and tally the extra time it has taken me to prepare this post on a wholly inadequate iPad!  Yes indeed, it is way past TIME to get my computer back!  Oh, please hurry, time, hurry!


It just takes time…

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